2021 Fall Session

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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Players Meeting (click here for presentation)
Saturday, September 25, 2021 at NOON
Pepi's Sports Bar & Grill
Capo Beach



Restart after pandemic will continue with 2 weeks of 2020 Spring Session, then local World Qualifiers for the 2019-20 league year. We will kick off the new league year with a short 2021 Summer Session followed by a regular length 2021 Fall Session starting in September.   


NEW Electronic Scorekeeping for 9-Ball!  South OC is one of few leagues who started beta testing this new app. Since the app is still in test mode, we still need ONE TEAM to keep score on paper (decided between captains). 


APA Official Team Manual update for new league year: When posting in 8-ball , teams may only play TWO Senior Skill Levels (6s and 7s) in a team match. If a 3rd senior skill level plays, that match will be forfeited.


When double posting a player, opponent chooses who will play twice. Printed roster must support Skill Level Limit rule had you played 5 unique players.

Get Notifications and Announcements from the new pool league app! Captains/Co-captains, please do not opt out of email marketing.

Time Savers! 1-minute limit to post a player. 
Post next match when one player in the current match reaches the hill in 8-ball. Post next match when 1 player in the current match needs only 10 points in 9-ball 


NEW US Amateur Preliminary Location for Southern California:
Men's Division will be at Shooters, Hemet in Riverside County
Women's Division will be at Shooters, Riverside 


BIG Announcement!  We (Scot & Liza) are in the process of acquiring San Diego APA! This comes with change that includes moving to San Diego County and selling South Orange County APA.

Playoff Brackets

(playoffs start Sunday, December 12, 2021)
Tue Div 821 Pechauer
Tue Div 921 Predator
Wed Div 831 Viking
Wed Div 931 Voodoo
Thu Div 841 McDermott
Thu Div 941 Meucci
Thu Div 871 Jacoby
Thu Div 971 Joss