Player Incentives

Below is a list of the player incentives currently offered to South OC APA members.


(Effective 2013 Summer Session)

  • Do you have friends that want to play with you but your team has no room on the roster?
  • Does your team have too many high-rated players that make it difficult to meet the 23-Rule?
  • Do you want some new faces and personalities on your team?


When you take your existing team at the end of the session, and create two teams at the start of a new session, BOTH TEAMS will receive TWO WEEKS FREE of league play (up to an $80 value for each team)!
Also, if you bring in two players brand new to the APA on these new teams, you also get a FREE CUE! (see new member incentive below)



Building A Team
Is As Easy As

TWO of your friends & family
TWO of their friends & family


CASH for NEW Teams

Build a brand new team and receive
$50 cash!

* Incentive for existing South OC APA players
* Team must have at least 5 new players.
* Team must play for at least four weeks.
* You don't have to play on the team, but it must be brand new, increasing league team count, without causing another team to disband.) 

Captains Play for FREE!

Any player who captains 3 or more teams** will play for FREE the entire session.

* Only one match per night is free (2nd match must be paid if captain plays more than once, i.e. is double-posted).
** Only one of 3+ teams is free.

Enlist NEW Members &
Get a FREE Cue!

Sign up 2 or more members (who play 10 matches). To be eligible, please notify the league office in order to track player matches.