2016 Spring Session Statistics

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Players Meeting Presentation (pre-session)

2016 Spring Session Playoff Brackets

Division 821 Tuesday 8-Ball
Division 921 Tuesday 9-Ball
Division 831 Wednesday 8-Ball
Division 931 Wednesday 9-Ball
Division 841 Thursday 8-Ball
Division 941 Thursday 9-Ball
Division 871 Sunday 8-Ball
Division 971 Sunday 9-Ball

 Top Gun (Individual) Standings 

Effective 2014 Summer Session, the South OC APA changed the Top Gun Program to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Program, which is based on the player's average points available (maximum you can earn) per match (3 in 8-ball and 20 in 9-ball). Visit APA Online Member Services to view current rankings for each Division based on "Points Available" (Note: players must play at least 5 matches to be eligible).

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Bragging Rights
Below are the patches earned during the 2016 Spring Session.

Week Ending Friday, 09/04/2015