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August 2010

South Orange County APA Pool League Player Newsletter


A Message from the League Operators...

Stories From Last Month's Events
   -- 2010 Spring Session Top Gun Tournaments
      -- 8-Ball Top Gun Tournament
      -- 9-Ball Top Gun Tournament

Upcoming Events
   -- 2010 Summer Session Playoffs
   -- 2010 APA National Team Championships
      -- 8-Ball and 9-Ball Open Teams
      -- Masters Championship Teams
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A Message from the League Operators...

August is Team Nationals week. Check out the 2010 National Team Championships article in this month's newsletter for a list of all teams participating in Vegas. If you're not playing on one of the teams, you can still compete in mini-tournaments and support other South County players! Visit for more information and onsite coverage.

This month we'll be wrapping the Summer Session and starting the Fall Session so if you're interested in playing on another night or starting a new team, please contact the league office.

We hope you're enjoying your summer!

Scot & Liza

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2010 Spring Session Top Gun Tournaments  


2010 Spring Session 8-Ball Top Gun Tournament

8-Ball Top Gun Tournament 

(July 10, 2010) Coconuts Cafe, Capistrano Beach -- Fourteen players participated in this modified single elimination event, with players competing individually based on skill level. Congratulations to Adam Fukushima, who defeated Ben MacGregor in the finals. Adam received $125 in cash plus a pool cue and case. Second place received $75 cash, and 3rd place went to John Schultz who received $50 in cash.

2010 Spring Session 9-Ball Top Gun Tournament

9-Ball Top Gun Tournament 

(July 24, 2010) Mulligans Sports Bar, San Clemente -- Fifteen players participated in this modified single elimination event, with players competing individually based on skill level. Congratulations to Susan Mason, who defeated Darin Reeves in the finals. Susan received a Singles Regional Qualifying Spot ($100 value) plus a cue and a case. Second place received a $50 in cash. Third place went to Chad Lucewicz and John Schultz who each received $25 in cash.

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2010 Summer Session Playoffs 

Two weeks of playoffs will be held in August to determine the first group of teams that qualify for the 2011 South County Local Team Championships LTC). Visit the Local Stats page for current playoff pictures and standings in each division.
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2010 APA National Team Championships 

The APA National Team Championships
August 19-28, 2010
Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


Visit for national information and onsite coverage of the events! 

The following teams will be representing South County in Vegas. 

Congratulations and Good Luck to all National Qualifying Teams!

9-Ball National Qualifying Team: Whatever...

South Orange County APA Local Team Championship 9-Ball Winner Whatever 
L to R: Travis Smith, Steve Sirbu, Allison McGhie (captain), Preston Strait, Matt DiPaola, Victor Burke, Clay Bryant (absent from photo: Susan Mason) 


8-Ball National Qualifying Team: Shrunkin Drooters

APA National Team Championships Shrunkin Drooters Knuckleheads 
L to R: Paul Silbert, Freddy Smith, Linda Marsh, Mark Marsh, Al Moon (captain), Fred Smith Sr, Chris Wright (absent from photo: Serena Stewart)


8-Ball National Qualifying Team: Hit -N- Hope

APA National Team Championships Hit-N-Hope Blue Dolphin 
L to R: Alex Trujillo, Chris Solar, Kelly Bortolussi, Ryan Buist, Chad Lucewicz, Melanie Jenkins, Dave Cuneo (absent from photo: Liam Harrison)

Visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of the 2010 South County Local Team Championship events.


3 Masters Teams Will Represent South County at Nationals... 
The APA Masters Championship
August 22-25, 2010
Click here for National Information

...competing with the best 3- to 4-person teams in the country!

3 Rooks & An Old Man
Isaac Wooten, Ryan Buist, Darin Reeves, Doug Masiero

Matt Amalong, Brock Noteboom, Adam Fukushima, Ginger Amalong

Cesar Brandes, Spencer Quevedo, Eric Moser, Keith Hollingshead


4 Doubles Teams Will Represent South County at Nationals...

The APA 8-Ball Doubles Championship  

August 19-21
National Information

The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship

August 25-27 
National Information


The following doubles teams will represent South County at Nationals.

1. She Shoots, He Tries (8-Ball): Nicol Reeves, Darin Reeves
2. Dumb & Dumber (8-Ball): Steve Styck, Patrick McElligott
3. Jake & The Fat Man (8-Ball): Ben MacGregor, Matt Lee
4. Hate & Love  (9-Ball): Diana Nunn, Preston Strait

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday, to August Birthday Players,
Happy Birthday To You!

Jesse Childers


Singha Rakyong


Jason Daum


Andrea Herting


Andrew Albers


Brian Wagner


Grace Cho


Chelsey Arnaud


Dina Simmons


George Bedros


Lisa Larson


Spencer Quevedo


Cesar Brandes


Kathy Clark


Scott Little


Anthony Griffith


Salina Ritchie


Donna Joun


Letha Hodges


Dan White


Gavin Aylward


Peter Jacob


Bruce Gillis


Samuel Bernal


Christian Amstadter


Carol Kratz


Melanie Jenkins


Long Hoang


Adan Asay


Arthur Harvey



Administrative Stuff 

Electronic Teams 

Team Packets/envelopes should be returned at the end of the session to receive refills on scoresheets, payment envelopes and team manuals.

Text and Email Messages

If you want to receive league updates and messages regarding upcoming events and other reminders, please ensure the league office has your updated cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Rule of the Month 

Jump Cues  

Massé and jump shots are legal, when executed properly (see MASSÉ SHOTS and JUMP SHOTS described in Definitions), but such shots must be attempted using your regular shooting cue (see REGULAR SHOOTING CUE described in Definitions). Players are not allowed to break down their cues or switch to specialty cues (such as cues designed for jumping and/or breaking) to attempt massé or jump shots.

See p. 40 for Equipment Rules and p. 97 for definition of Regular Shooring Cue in the Official Team Manual
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