2018 Spring Session

Saturday, December 23, 2017

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Players Meeting Presentation (pre-session)

Playoff Brackets

(playoffs start Tuesday, April 24, 2018)
Mon Div 815 8-Ball Monthly Doubles
Mon Div 915 9-Ball Monthly Doubles
Mon Div 814 Masters
Tue Div 821 Pavy's Pockets 8-Ball
Tue Div 921 Deep Pockets 9-Ball
Wed Div 831 Velvet Touch 8-Ball
Wed Div 931 Velvet Touch 9-Ball
Thu Div 841 Felt Runners 8-Ball 
Thu Div 941 Felt Runners 9-Ball
Sat Div 862 Ladies Spring Time of the Month
Sun Div 871 Double Jeopardy 8-Ball
Sun Div 971 Double Jeopardy 9-Ball

 MVP (Individual) Standings 

The South County APA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Program is based on the player's average points available (maximum you can earn) per match (3 in 8-ball and 20 in 9-ball). Visit APA Online Member Services to view current rankings for each Division based on "Points Available" (Note: players must play at least 5 matches to be eligible).

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