2017 9-Ball Southwest Challenge +RESULTS

Thursday, August 17, 2017

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The APA League Operators from the southwest region will host its 14th annual 9-Ball Southwest Challenge, October 12-15, 2017, at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, with teams participating from Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico, competing for a first place prize of $2,400 in cash!
Put together a team of 3 players with a combined 9-ball skill level of 15 or less...

In addition to these main events, players can also compete in mini-tournaments throughout the weekend.
Team Package Prices include a room, tournament entry and open tables throughout the weekend! 

2017 9-Ball Southwest Challenge Results

Eleven South County teams competed in this event, which comprised of 167 teams from the Southwest and Mountain regions. Five of the eleven teams finished in the money, with South OC #10 being the highest finisher at 5th Place and $900!

Congratulations, Jeff Owen, Chris Baker and Rochelle Whitener!

Below are the full results for each team.

South OC #1 – 17th Place $270

Justin Baca

Jeff Fant

Tracy Barre


South OC #2 – 97th Place

Wesley Nielsen

Dave Cuneo

Steve Sirbu


South OC #3 – 129th Place

Ralph Gallardo

Alicia DeRoo

Chris Gallardo


South OC #4 – 33rd Place $150

Tejus Penkar

Christopher Conway

John Hicks


South OC #5 – 65th Place

Meghan Nicholas

Chris Solar

Theresa Burrows


South OC #6 – 17th Place $270

Sarah Gallardo

Jonathan Haydt

Stacey Teramae


South OC #7 – 129th Place

Matthew Lee

Katelyn Felter

Khanh Huynh


South OC #8 – 97th Place

Mike Woltman

Roger Green

Alex Lavelle


South OC #9 – 33rd