2017 Summer Session MVP Tournaments

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9-Ball Pool Shark


Saturday, October 28, 2017
10:00 AM sign-ups, 10:30 AM start
Mulligans, San Clemente


Saturday, October 28, 2017
1:00 PM sign-ups, 1:30 PM start
Mulligans, San Clemente
Click here for information on the MVP program.
After each of the three sessions per league year (Summer, Fall and Spring)… the South OC APA runs MVP/Top Gun Tournaments to allow players to compete individually for cash and prizes (with $50 ADDED FROM EACH DIVISION!). Entry fee is FREE for #1 ranks in each division (AND EACH SKILL LEVEL TIER!), $5 for qualified players and $10 for others. Top finishers from the regular session (excluding playoffs) will get first dibs on tournament spots, and they include the Top 25% of players from each division. The top finishers will qualify for the 2015 Spring Singles Regional in March 2015 for a chance to qualify for the 2015 National Singles Championship in Vegas! We’ll run additional singles boards (table time permitting) and all tournament players will be entered in a raffle for exciting prizes including cue tip shapers and other pool trinkets. So come join the fun!
Congratulations to the following 2017 Summer Session MVP #1 Ranked Players, who will receive awards at the tournament!


Div 821: Deep Pockets
SL 5-7 Tier: Chris Gallardo
SL 2-4 Tier: Jacques Terblanche

Div 831: Velvet Touch
SL 5-7 Tier: Ed Slunka
SL 2-4 Tier: Kevin Tang

Div 841: Felt Runners
SL 5-7 Tier: Geoff Kint
SL 2-4 Tier: Sarah Gallardo

Div 871: Double Jeopardy
SL 5-7 Tier: Jerry Sheffield
SL 2-4 Tier: Kathy Clark


Div 921: Deep Pockets
SL 6-9 Tier: Wiley Hall
SL 1-5 Tier: Derek Wayland
Div 931: Velvet Touch
SL 6-9 Tier: Chris Gallardo
SL 1-5 Tier: Khanh Huynh

Div 941: Felt Runners
SL 6-9 Tier: Bill Toy
SL 1-5 Tier: Travis Smith

Div 871: Double Jeopardy
SL 6-9 Tier: Brenn Barnum
SL 1-5 Tier: Albert Lara

Shoot For A Cure!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! This year, the South OC APA will again include a "Shoot For A Cure" fundraiser and donate $5 for every tournament participant. We will also be giving jelly bands to all tournament players and have some other "pink stuff" available for purchase and raffle, with all proceeds donated to Susan G. Komen of Orange County. Please consider attending the event even if you can't stay and play!

Jellybands and $5 Donation by South OC APA for Every Participant!