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The 500 Club 

The South Orange County APA 500 Club includes members who have played at least 500 matches in the South County area in one format (either 8-ball or 9-ball). Members receive these benefits...

Patch Rewards Program

The South Orange County APA Rewards Program has been put into place to offer members more flexibility as it relates to any awards they obtain while playing in the pool league.  The idea behind the program is to provide players who earn awards (patches, sportsmanship bonuses, patch buy back program, etc.) with the ability to accumulate points (or "South OC Balls") that can be used towards other rewards. Balls can also be used to pay league dues or tournament entries.

Below are the PATCHES EARNED by players:
If you are on a "packet" team, then patches were distributed to you in your weekly team packets the week after you earned them. If you would like to exchange your patches for South OC Balls, you can return them to the league office in person or you can mail them to: PO Box 1749, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693.
If you are on an "electronic" team, then patches are distributed to your captain at the end of the session, or on demand by filling out the Request Form (link below) and returning it to the league office (in person, by email or snail mail).  All patches, once processed, will be mailed to the captain of the team to whom you submitted the paperwork.  You can claim one or all of your patches (if you play on multiple teams, you can request all of your patches through one team).
The following are the current rewards available.


# Balls Needed




Claim in comment section of Request Form

League Play

800 (M-Th)
600 (Sun)

Equivalent to individual match of weekly team play;
Claim by writing on weekly scoresheet in the paid area

Singles Board Entry


Claim in comment section of Request Form